Biography - (More Details Coming Soon)

QUIVER is a one-man hard rock band based in New Orleans, LA. Lewis Aleman is on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and programming/recording/mixing/orchestrating general mayhem. QUIVER has been Lewis's musical project for years with the goal of creating high-energy, original, hard rock, and in 2016, production on a new music and music videos began. Nearly finished now, the video & first new single will be released very soon (Spring 2018).

Lewis Aleman has been writing, performing, and recording songs since he first snuck a guitar into his house when he was 12 years old. As he was developing a bit of an attitude, a fixation on females, and a taste for loud music, the guitar was initially forbidden by his parents out of fear of him going completely off-the-rails by forming his own rock band with other miscreants. Once they saw the passion and dedication, the guitar was encouraged, but it all began by buying a cheap used guitar with grass-cutting money and sneaking it into the house.

Throughout high school and college, Lewis spent many hours writing songs, studying his favorite bands, and practicing guitar. In that time, he also became quite interested in recording and building a home studio to bring his ideas to life whenever inspiration struck. All the while, he was teaching high school English and Reading, and publishing 4 novels.

Now, in his own music studio, stocked with hand-picked gear that was tracked down with much time, effort, and struggle, Lewis is working on his own music and plans to release song after song, along with a music video for each. Things are just beginning; it's gonna be a long, wild ride.

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